8 Types Of Coupons That Are Available In The Market

by Robert Warren

Getting the right coupon ensures that you can maximize your shopping ordeal. Some of the best coupon sites in the market stores all coupons stores. The various stores available offer different types of coupons. The different types of coupons offer customers different merits. The key point to note before using the coupon is the expiration date. Some coupons have an expiration date. Thus, it would be best to ensure that your coupon has not expired. This article aims at informing you of the eight different types of coupons available in the market.

8 types of coupons that are available in the market

1. Percentage off coupon

The percentage off coupon usually offers a certain percentage of a product. It is a very common method used. To get the correct amount you will pay, you are required to multiply the provided percentage times the market price of the product. The answer is the exact amount of money saved. Once you get the amount saved, you can reduce the saved amount from the market price and get the exact amount required to pay.

2. Free-shipping coupon

The free shipping coupon is usually used to entice customers. It means that you can get a product without paying any shipping costs. The free shipping coupon is very famous, and if you are not careful, you can purchase items that you do not need.

3. Buy one get one free

Sellers usually use the buy-one-get-one-free coupon for marketing their products. It is very beneficial as you can get two products at the price of one. The key point to note on the buy one to get one free offer is the temptation to acquire items that you will not require in the end.

4. Free items

The free items coupons are usually for new products in the market. They are meant to act as a trial basis for the manufacturer. Therefore, you can benefit by gaining a new item in the market at no cost at all.

5. Discounts

The discounts coupons are usually straightforward. They usually state that one must meet a certain expectation to get the discount. For example, to purchase goods for more than $60, one can get $10 free. Discounts usually mean an amount reduced from the original price.

6. Buy one get one half off coupon

This coupon is almost the same as buy one get one free. But the buy one-get a half free means you buy a product and get half of the product for free.

7. First-time customer coupons

The first-time customer coupons are meant to encourage more sales. They encourage new customers to try out products by offering incentives. Therefore, as first-time customers, some companies can offer coupons to encourage tryouts and more businesses in the future.

8. Festival offers

During the festivals like Christmas, some companies offer coupons to their customers. The benefit of the coupon is to allow you to buy more of the product while saving money in return.


Coupons offer different benefits and incentives to customers. They can either be in paper form or electronic form. Furthermore, the various types of coupons available in the market can help you select what you need based on the benefit you will accrue in the end.

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