How To Select Cargo Pants By Fabric And Type

by Robert Warren

For the discerning gent, there are numerous opportunities to look good courtesy of fashion. However, one should never forget that not everyone looks good in the latest style that’s available. This also speaks to the value of variety and uniqueness in each person’s taste. Pantalon cargo is one of the unique pieces of clothing available for men. Fabrics for cargo pants need to be extremely tough to help one handle rough physical activity. Let’s focus on the types and benefits of cargo pants.

Understanding how cargo pants became a worldwide fad

As much as cargo pants may seem to be a recent invention, they have been around for quite a long time. The British military’s enterprising troops came up with the first cargo pants’ designs, spurred by the need to store their maps, field dressings, and ammo in the extra pockets.

Not ones to be left behind, the Americans quickly implemented the designs for their paratroopers during World War 2. They made use of the extra pockets to store ammunition and food. After the war, cargo pants became a global phenomenon a few decades later as more and more men took to wearing them outdoors. Afterward, various fashion houses crafted more unique styles of cargo pants for the global consumer market.

The best fabrics for cargo pants

As always, the best types of cargo pants have a stretchy feel about them. Ideally, your pants of choice are supposed to be as comfortable as possible while also allowing for a wide variety of fast movements. Thus, to cater to this, the cargo pant’s material should incorporate a bit of spandex.

The benefit of spandex is that it’s both easy and comfortable on the body. An added advantage is the ability to blend both cotton and polyester to create a complex style. The polyester blends can be 100% for extreme luxury, and it dries much faster and is durable.

On the other hand, nylon blends and good cotton stand out as top-notch fabric options for your cargo pants.

Advantages of cargo pants for men

A quality pair of cargo pants will have you ready to face any situation that comes your way. The top benefits of owning a pair include:

a. Comfort

Being comfortable allows a man (or woman) to focus their attention better and make a better impression.

b. Harder to snag fabrics

It is no secret that cargo pants are harder to ruin and are more durable.

c. Hidden pockets

A majority of cargo pant designs feature creatively hidden pockets located on the inside of the pants.

d. Fire resistant

Most cargo pant designs are pretty hard to set ablaze. This makes it easy to wear around campfires and other such flames.

e. Color varieties

This is fantastic news to most men since no one wants a closet full of monotony.

f. Stylish appearances

The best types of cargo pants endow the owners with distinctly classy, stylish looks, especially black.


Cargo pants are officially back on the list of most favorable clothing pieces for men. They seamlessly provide a military-inspired look. This is in addition to the convenience of pockets. Benefits include style, color varieties, durability, and fire resistance.

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