How to design a Twitter marketing strategy for your brand

by Robert Warren

Brands need to expand their audience, and research has shown that Twitter outranks Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube when it comes to business advertisement and marketing. So, how can brands take advantage of such an opportunity? By creating an effective Twitter marketing strategy.

Twitter isn’t for the faint of heart. It has grown from a simple social media tool to a platform that allows businesses speak to prospective customers in real-time. If you want to create an effective Twitter marketing strategy for your brand that can speak to a portion of the 321 million active monthly Twitter users, you have to create one that works.

What works? You will find out how to create an effective one by following simple steps pretty soon. Ready?

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How to design a Twitter marketing strategy for your brand

1. Run a Twitter account audit

The first thing to do is to run an audit on your brand’s Twitter account. This enables you to know what works and what doesn’t on your Twitter profile. A deep look into your Twitter analytics helps you to analyze how well hashtags are doing, what tweets are doing great, and how your audience relates to it.

When you know what content your audience relates to best, you can consistently put out that type of content. This is important information when creating your Twitter marketing strategy

2. What is your brand voice?

People come online to consume content, and just as people have different interests, these people go to brands that suit their interests. As a brand, you have to stay true to your voice and what you offer.

It may look easy to jump on Twitter trends just to appeal to your audience but you have to stay authentically true to your voice and brand message if you want to create a cult-like following.

3. Maximize hashtags

People don’t understand the power hashtags possess. Research has shown that you can get double engagement on your tweets with hashtags than on your tweets without. However, it doesn’t mean you should hop on any and every kind of hashtag you see, otherwise, your feed will look complicated and disorganized.

This is why it’s important to find your brand voice so that your hashtags can align.

Hashtags are a great way to expose your content to potential followers that may be interested. You can also create specific hashtags and push it through paid Twitter advertising to create a campaign that pushes a product or service.

4. Twitter ads should be your best friend

As a brand, you have to make Twitter ads your best friend. This is one of the surest ways to organically expose your brand message to a wider targeted audience, increase your Twitter followers, and boost engagements. All you need is a couple of promoted tweets.

Furthermore, these allow people to discover and explore your brand Twitter page even if they don’t follow you or your hashtag. When you send a promoted tweet, it pops up on the timeline of people who share similar interests with your targeted audience.

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