Forex Manual Trader

by Robert Warren

In today’s forex investment is increasingly in demand because it can be done in an easier way, for example by EA method or expert advisor. This means we can rely on robots to make forex trading.

By installing the EA software on a virtual private server (VPS), trading is guaranteed to be done automatically so it is suitable for traders who do not have much time to observe the price movements in the forex market or have to go in and out of the forex market.

Despite the advantages that look tempting, until now there are many traders who choose to trade manually. How about you? Between manual vs. robot trading, which one is your choice?

Trading forex manually and using automatic trading can be said to have the same opportunities. Each has advantages and disadvantages. All depends on the individual trader who runs. Adjusting to individual capabilities in terms of time, energy and other sides that are not less important.

Manual trading also has advantages. All trading decisions are based on logical reasoning logic that can develop and make quick decisions in case of errors. Plus the intuition of traders who are able to see market conditions.

A trading manual has its own advantages that are flexible because by trading independently we will be able to follow the price movement on the forex market. When a trader feels he has made a mistake in position placement, it can be corrected so that trader can avoid continuous losses. Conversely, if the trading position is correct, then the benefits can be enlarged. Some traders consider the forex market is very complicated and easily changing so manual trading remains the best option.

But when manual trading, because it deals with humans, it must be considered other factors of psychology, emotions, and greed. These three internal factors often impact on the occurrence of defeat or loss. Traders who have had many hours of flying usually have their own strategies to solve this problem. While the advantages of trading robots on manual trading vs. robot, the discipline, regardless of the condition of the system will automatically execute when it has entered the criteria.

This advantage is also a shortcoming in trading EA. Trading with robots is less appropriate to the fluctuating forex market conditions. Although victory can be achieved but rarely happens consistently. Trading manually is more complicated because traders have to analyze the market and follow the market price movements to be able to make predictions. In addition to trading using only robots or manually only, you can combine both techniques using the robot that is set in accordance with your manual trading techniques.

You should not use EA software or robots solely, especially if you do not know the logic. Moreover, it takes a lot of funds to rent robot design services that can be tailored to your trading system. Better as a beginner you keep trading manually but in a long term. Thus you can go through the process of becoming a professional trader with high flying hours.

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