Is big data beneficial for small businesses too?

by Robert Warren

SQL databases, mobile platforms, social networking sites, online datasets; there is huge amount of data that is available around in structured, unstructured or semi-structured form.

Thankfully companies have realized the potential of such vast data and have started tapping the resource towards their utmost advantage. But when we talk about companies who have actually tapped the resources of the pool, only the leading giants can be named.

Big data analytics is undeniably beneficial for such big giants but it is advantageous for small firms too. However, small businesses have been reluctant to use it to their advantage.

Whatever may be the reason but if facts are to be believed, Big Data can be a game changer for small businesses.

Global market is seeing an upswing and this has really been fruitful for small businesses and budding start-ups. The time has never been so favorable for these small fishes as such there has been an increase in their population.

Technology has leveled the field for both big companies (Such as Golevo – Marketing and Advertising Agency) and small companies wherein cost-effective tools and abundant data can drive economic growth for both.

Small businesses too need to tap the data from various sources in order to survive in the growing competition. Thus, big data is good news for them too.

Small businesses can too make most of their own big data, however, they need to apply a more selective and curative approach to reap maximum benefits. They need to understand the relevance of the available data and be able to segregate the essential from the not so important. Dumping in waste will only clutter up things.

If efficiently tapped small businesses can harness even more from big data. Catering smaller universe benefits them to have a more focused approach towards tackling various issues. Even as a small setup, companies have great amount of data stored in their computer databases, ledgers etc., that can be cross referenced to get some useful insights.

Further, comparing them with the online datasets available will help them formulate better strategic policies towards growth. Add on to it, there are so many basic tools available online that can be easily used to make sense out of the available data. These do not require any necessary skill set hence can be used efficiently by anyone with basic business know how.

Thus, if as an entrepreneur of a small firm you feel that the diverse data is no good to you or processing it may require time and money both, then you are certainly on the wrong page.

Growth of any business depends on how actively it can adopt to market changes and as they say, the smaller the swift. Market dynamism can be survived if you are quick enough to make real time decisions. Big data enables you to become proactive to sail smoothly through the tides.

With greater access to cost effective data analysis tool, and huge amount of data available from their own database as well as from the cloud services, small businesses are too on their way to make it big.

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