Strategies for Shipping Your Giant Panda Stuff

by Robert Warren

If you love giant panda stuff and are wondering how you’ll get your order, this blog post will make everything easy. After confirming your order, you might ask yourself how it will get to you if you are not in China. The point is, you are required to fill in all your data, including your home address if you want your delivery done up to your doorstep. Below are shipping methods and viable strategies you can consider in your business.

Arrangements for shipping your Giant Panda Stuff

Before you order things from Giant Panda Stuff, ask yourself, which means you’ll use to ship them with to your preferred location. Below are ways you could choose to ship your products

1. International express

For someone shipping accessories or related fashion products, this is the best method because it is fast.

2. China post mail package

If you have products that are light in weight, the best option is to use China Post mail by sea. However, you need to understand this method might take a few more days than air transport.

3. Airfreight

The airfreight method is fast and quite affordable compared to International Express. If you are shipping using this method, you should note that you will be required to pay extra cash for it to be delivered to your doorstep.

4. Less than Container Load sea shipping

The name says it all. In this phase, shipping is done by sea. It is, however, not suitable for countries without a seaport because then, it would be impossible to receive products. Bt if you choose these method unless you have other plans for the product to get shipped by land or air once its at the port of choice.

5. Full Container Load Sea Shipping

This is one of the cheapest methods to ship your giant panda stuff, especially for large orders. If you are ordering on a large scale, then this must be your best option.

6. Full Container Railway Shipping

Suitable for the shipping of delicate products- the full container railway shipping strategy is your ideal strategy for importing fragile products such as necklaces.


Strategies for Shipping your Giant Panda Stuff

It would be best if you were on the know before you ship your products. Here are some strategies you could use;

· Ensure that you talk to different carriers for you to know the best, depending on cost and destination.

· After choosing a carrier, the next step is for you to package your product. The carrier you select will, in most cases, have options depending on the products you are shipping.

· To avoid unnecessary stress, ensure you have a freight forwarder you can trust to help in taking care of logistics.

· Are the goods you are shopping insured? If not, it’s high time you took the initiative to insure your cargo. It helps in ensuring that your shipment is safe no matter what happens.

· Ensure that you’re well informed on what is required of you in terms of costs and documents

· Package all products from Giant Panda Stuff as one shipment. This makes shipping easy and cheap since all products are charged as a package.

· It would be best if you had professional relationships with China freight forwarders since they will always be ready to assist you whenever a problem arises, and you get better deals when shipping.

· Ship products during off-peak seasons since it’s cheaper.

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So what are the cheapest ways of shipping your giant panda stuff?

Life hacks are definitely life savers! A few years ago, it would not have dawned on you that it is possible to use walnut in fixing a scratched wood, huh?

Or that you can use bread bag lips to hold your cables together, right? Life hacks can provide solutions to several problems.

That is why you need to set your eyes on some of the best online selling practices that can ease your life when shipping products from different world parts. How do SMB owners fulfill orders from giant panda inexpensively?

a. Packing small and light

This one goes without saying.  Heavy panda packages definitely cost more to ship than their smaller alternatives. But, did you know that a big panda pillow might just cost more to ship than a 30-pound dumbbell?

Private carriers such as FedEx, as well as UPS, apply dimensional and weight figures to work out the shipping rates and determine the total shipping expense.

One effective rule of thumb is packing your panda products in smaller dimensions. This implies that you should use little packaging material since it is safe for the items therein.

And of course, you do not really want to use a durable box to add more weight to the package if the product can be secure in a smaller mailer.

b. Using enough material for packaging

You should note that in the world of shipping, cheap may not be as cost-effective. So packing your products with little to insufficient padding may be an expensive mistake.

According to experts from Maple Hoslistics, it is important to spend more packing material when packing your panda products since it reduces the overall risks of receiving damaged goods.

For that reason, you need to work with a shipping firm that optimizes quality and cost in different ways. Notably, such firms need to realize that an expense added to the existing fee can save the company money.

This would then diminish the human error on the packaging firms.

c. Get free packaging materials too!

Is this possible? You may be wondering. Of course, it is. There are several excellent easy strategies to use in cutting down costs associated with shipping panda items to your country. There are also avenues to use to accomplish this. Here are just a few examples you can incorporate in your idea.

· Use priority mail for lighter items

· Use dumpster diving

· Use Bubble Mailers too!

· Use last mail delivery


Final Thoughts

When shipping products from Giant Panda Stuff, ensure that you follow up on your shipment by tracking your order. Immediately your order has been taken; it becomes your responsibility to take care of the rest. This is because the shipment is now in your hands.

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