Understanding How Noonbuy Operates

by Robert Warren

Noonbuy.com is a sourcing agent for Taobao. Secondly, Taobao is a Chinese online shopping website with headquarters in Hangzhou. It is also one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms. Noonbuy helps overseas customers to purchase products from China and several online platforms. The company does not only buy from China. It also provides a wide range of services in the process.

Services provided by Noonbuy

Below are some services offered by Noonbuy, one of China’s largest and most trustworthy sourcing agent;

1. Purchasing

Noonbuy seeks to solve one of the most common problems encountered by foreigners looking to purchase products from Chinese stores. The company looks for the best suppliers for the products depending on its type and specified client needs. In the process, the company helps foreigners obtain the best prices to purchase products from China. The whole process is done online.

2. Order retrieval

Noonbuy also offers product retrieval services for foreign online buyers. All buyers have to do place orders through the English Taobao website. From there, Noonbuy with retrieving the orders from significant shopping websites and shopping platforms in China. The company works hard towards meeting the specific client needs and instructions issued through the e-commerce platform.

3. Quality compliance testing

Noonbuy also works hard to ensure that foreign clients get the best products. They do this by conducting quality inspections on each product. Each product is inspected to ensure that the quality is up to standards. This service is mainly aimed at raising the quality of products sold on Taobao. The company checks the quality of the goods and ensures that the products are packed correctly.

Note that failure to do this could impact the state at which the products reach the clients. Poor or improper packaging could result in products getting damaged during the shipping process. Therefore, Noonbuy takes active measures to keep this from happening.

4. Shipping or delivery

After acquiring and checking the qualities of the products, Noonbuy also takes care of the shipping processes because online stores like Taobao do not offer shipping services. Foreign clients purchasing products through Noonbuy receive their products either through the land, air, or sea shipping, among others. Noonbuy handles all the formalities with the shipping channels.

How long does it take to receive products through Noonbuy?

As mentioned earlier, products are shipped through varying channels. Therefore, the amount of time it takes for the products to reach foreign clients depends on the channel. Air shipping is, without a doubt, the fastest. The location of the client also affects the delivery time. Naturally, it takes between three to five days for products to arrive in Southern Asian countries through the air. Europe and US deliveries take up to ten days.


In addition to the services mentioned above, Noonbuy also offers after-sale services. These services come in handy when there are issues with the products received by foreign clients. For instance, if the client finds fault in the products, they do not contact the supplier directly. They contact Noonbuy. Noonbuy will either get a replacement product shipped or issue refunds. Whether a client gets a return or refunds depends on the issue at hand.

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