Boost your business with a mobile app

by Robert Warren

The world has changed now especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. The businesses have fast turned digital and the buyers are cherishing the change. If you have a business and you have not yet shifted it to the digital domain, you must think again. Online stores are considered as the top asset of any business. If you have optimized and designed the store well, you are on the way to raising the sale levels. However, retailers doubt if they need a mobile app in addition to an online store. Well, the answer is simple. A mobile app makes shopping easy and fast therefore it will increase the number of sales. If you have integrated an easy-to-use wallet kit to the app, you will see a spike in sales as almost everyone owns a smartphone nowadays.

According to a survey by Google, in 2016 around 58% of mobile users used the phone to monitor prices and review different products. This shows how much mobile users are interested in online shopping from smart phone devices.

Benefits of using mobile app of your online business

  • One of the major advantages of using mobile apps for your online business is that you can build loyalty to your brands. Online shoppers find it convenient to shop from apps as compared to browsing online stores. Therefore, if you have a mobile app and you are craftily using the push notifications system, you can keep your users aware of the latest launches and discount offers to keep them in the shopping loop.
  • The best thing about technology is that it has made things convenient for us. Mobile app stores are a step further to the road to convenience. They allow shoppers to buy their favorite products from anywhere. Mobile apps form a viable connection between customers and online store owners.
  • You can build brand loyalty. When you are launching your application, you can give your customers discount offers to download your app and use if for the first time. Your exclusive proposals will raise the download and usage rate. Once the customers have downloaded it and used it, they will stay loyal to your business as it will easy for them to open the app and shop from your store.
  • Mobile applications load faster than online website stores. The irony is that a few online retailers realize the fact that the websites that load slowly can kill a business. customers scorn slow loading websites and they move on to other stores as soon as a page gets stuck. This is never the case with mobile apps. They are brilliantly faster to load. Kissmetrics shows that if your website takes over 3 seconds to load, the customer will move on. This will drive the customers away and this will also be a stumbling block in the way to build loyalty. This is where mobile applications have an amazing advantage over websites. Apps are highly responsive and fast. Some of the best apps don’t need a valid internet connection to compare and check the prices of products.

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