Is Huawei Wallet Kit Available in Play Store?

by Robert Warren

We all know how Huawei is an independent tech company who manufactures their own smartphones. They code their own software, they have their own apps and they have their own way of doing things in the online world. And that’s actually what makes them unique.

However, since some of us are using Android and Google Play Store, the question is, can we download or use Huawei Wallet Kit from Play Store? Yes, you can definitely do that. Huawei has now made it available way back 2018.

Short history

The Huawei Wallet Kit is not something new especially in China. It was actually first released back in 2014 and only limited to Huawei and Honor smartphone users in China. The launch was a major hit. There is no wonder this tech company aims to expand all over the world and introduce it to its international users.

To gain more users and followers for the product, they have been working a lot on how to improve its services to enhance user experience. Since then the Chinese OEM went full-on close research and development with tailor fitting the services in some countries.

Now available in Google Play Store

The Huawei Wallet Kit was already added in the Google Play Store for Android users. Users can now access and enjoy its own digital payment services for different transactions of payments. Although it’s readily accessible, the user still needs to check its compatibility to the smartphone. Some smartphone brands still deal with compatibility issues and it’s best to check before finally signing-up.

This was a good move for Huawei since not all Huawei members are Huawei device users. Surely, this product and service improvement can cater the specific needs of other Android users. Not only for its users in China but also for the rest of the world.

Users appreciate its availability and uses

Most users are now appreciating the use of the app especially that we are currently facing a challenging woe of the pandemic. Establishments are encouraging all of the consumers to maintain proper social distancing to stop the spread of the virus.

So any close contact, like making payments via cash or debit and credit card without a microchip could increase the chances of contracting the virus. The very thing that all of us are trying to avoid in order to stay safe and healthy in this time of crisis.

Special payment methods like Huawei Wallet Kit aids this type of concern for our health since it encourages cashless transactions. Just a swipe of your QR code can already make any purchases made more possible. Thanks to the efforts of making it available in Google Play Store, other Android users can take advantage of its uses and benefits.

If you’re looking into transitioning to Huawei Wallet Kit for your payment transactions or to fully transfer to Huawei’s products and services, just visit Huawei’s official website. You will be provided with more details and options on how to set-up your own Huawei Wallet Kit in your smartphone.

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