Can the JIEHE Walk behind Road Saws be Trusted?

by Robert Warren

JIEHE walk behind road saw is a standard example of one of the many types of walk-behind Road saws manufactured by JIEHE machinery today. Although it is not a particular model, it refers to the characteristics of various models of walk-behind concrete saws available in the construction industry today. At CHANGZHOU JIEHE MACHINERY CO., LTD, there are various models of concrete cutter machines.

 An interesting feature of the concrete cutter machines produced by this company is that they are relatively easy to handle. Additionally, transportation and maintenance of these concrete cutter machines are not as challenging as the concrete cutter machines are being manufactured by other similar industries. In this article, we will be considering a few factors that make our machines, such as the JIEHE walk behind road saws so durable. What is involved in always making sure that our machinery is among the very best options among their peer?

What Makes JIEHE Walk Behind Road Saws Unique?

What makes our walk behind Road saws so unique that it is trusted by construction companies and private construction contractors all over the world? Honestly, there are various reasons. The quality of our road source at JIEHE is maintained at a maximum level as a result of, first of all, our diligent R&D team. At our company we have a team responsible for ensuring that we have suitable machines (in this case concrete cutters) for various and just about every type of construction scenario. So regardless of the construction site, we have a suitable concrete cutter that is just right for the job you want to do.

From as little as pavements or indoor adjustments and repairs to as large as Bridges and gardens, we have just the right concrete saw. But how do our concrete saws work?

At JIEHE, our concrete saws are designed in such a way that the saw shaft is extremely durable. Various measures are also implemented and processes are carried out to ensure that the blade life is extended to as much a degree as possible. One such process that is aimed at increasing the blade life is the use and assembly of excellent quality bearing materials as well as other special processes.

 The results? The result of hard work and the use of proper materials is a concrete cutter that can ensure a high degree of accuracy when being used and very smooth cuts. Another benefit of our concrete cutter is that there is minimal to no disturbing vibration. The heavy weight of the machines equally serves a vital role. The weight helps in ensuring that the cuts being made are smooth.

So with our concrete cutters at JIEHE Machinery, there is no single factor that is solely responsible for the outcome. A lot of preparatory steps are used to ensure that the quality of the final concrete cutter is satisfactory. 


With all of our machinery being top-notch, it is a given that our clients trust us. JIEHE walk behind road saw is just one of the many unique types of machinery being manufactured at JIEHE Machinery.

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