How Businesses Can Prepare for Black Friday

by Robert Warren

No, black Friday isn’t the day to wear black clothes on a Friday to mourn the dead. In the business world, it’s the largest retail sales day in the US, and usually holds a day after Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November.

This sales day has spread to other parts of the world, especially with the massive emergence of online stores in various niches. People often appreciate Black Friday because it’s a great time to buy electronic gadgets. People make use of great opportunities like the HONOR Black Friday sale to buy amazing products.

Black Friday often serves as the official start to the holiday shopping season.

So, knowing that black Friday sales attract great market opportunities, how can businesses (especially medium-scale ones) take advantage of such opportunities to increase their reputation and attract customers?

Here are proven steps to do that. Ready?

Let’s go.

How Business can prepare for Black Friday

1. Enhance social sharing by offering rewards and incentives

Businesses need traffic to make sales. This is why marketers and social media strategists pay for traffic and Google ads to attract the right audience. As a growing business, you may not have so much money to do such, but you can enhance social sharing by offering rewards and incentives on social media platforms.

People are always looking for ways to earn money or other gifts online, so it will be a perfect opportunity to satisfy both parties. For instance, if you’re a fashion clothing brand, you can offer gorgeous fashion items as an incentive for people following your social media pages, liking your content, or answering a poll

2. Master the art of online merchandising

Online merchandising is the blessing that came with this generation and the technological environment we have placed ourselves in. As a business, you can prepare for Black Friday by placing your best offers and/or products on online sites in such a way that they will attract attention and boost sales.

Don’t use low-quality products. Don’t place your products on a part of the site that isn’t easily noticeable. Pay for noticeable ad spots, like banners, hero images, and pop-ups.

3. Use emotional triggers

People are guided by how they feel and what emotions are dominant at that point. Naturally, people always want to save the money they have, so you have to buy into that emotion.

Regular shoppers and Black Friday shoppers are very similar. The only difference between both parties is that the latter comes to shop to save money. So, you have to make that person feel like they are getting great deals that they’d have never gotten on a normal day.

Entice them with compelling offers on your site, like limiting discounts, gifts, referral coupons, free shipping, etc. You can also create a VIP spot with a 24/7 live support window, as lots of eager customers always have questions to ask.

Finally, you can also create free gift guides that can help your customers navigate through products, as sales can get overwhelming. They will be enthralled with the fact that you’re trying to help, and you will be happy because you’re making a sale.

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