How to ReUse Cardboard Boxes

by Robert Warren
Cardboard Boxe

A reusable cardboard box (know more) is one of the best ways to package products these days. This is because of how much protection they provide and how attractive they are.

Beyond box packaging design, you can use cardboard boxes for a lot more. The question most people ask is how can you reuse cardboard package?

Reusing cardboard boxes

While technology keeps providing us with more alternatives to carrying out daily activities, some things just cannot change. Not because technology is not potent enough, but because we just wouldn’t budge. One of such things is the use of cardboard boxes.

The use of a reusable cardboard box is almost as old as the packaging itself. These boxes have been transformed over time in several ways, especially with respect to box packaging design. Technology has not been able to extinguish the love we have for cardboard boxes. 

Cardboard Boxe

There are several ways to reuse the cardboard package. Check out some of our suggestions below:


One of the best ways of showing appreciation is by sending a “thank you” card. This method is evergreen, it never gets old. If you plan to appreciate your customers or employees, you can try using one.

Don’t you think it will be a great idea to use one of your product boxes to send your card? If you received a gift from another individual, you can make use of the box packaging to send your card.

You do this, not because you cannot afford an envelope, but for the effect you want to create. Simply send your cards as postcards using the original boxes as the vehicle of delivery. The reaction of the recipient will surely be priceless.

Dinner circles

As you plan to host a loved one to dinner, it is always nice to do something different. Skip using the regular decoration on your dining table and go for something unusual. It will show that you are putting in some extra effort into your hosting duties. 

You can create dinner circles by wrapping beautiful napkins around cardboard tubes. If you have a pack of napkins, this will suffice. Simply cut your cardboard boxes into sizes that you can roll into tubes.

After rolling the strips into tubes, hold them together using paper glue. Wrap a napkin around a roll from your reusable cardboard box. This is a two-in-one design that allows the user to enjoy beautiful decoration and the use of napkins.

Raising plants

Like we said earlier, there is more to a cardboard box than the box packaging design. Do you know that you can reuse the cardboard package for raising plants? Yes, you can.

It doesn’t take so much, just a little hands-on creativity and you have a very cool box to house your plants. Pick up one of your old cardboard boxes. In dressing it up, you can add some embellishments or even use a permanent marker to make a few drawings.

To ensure that the box lasts long, line the inner part of the box with a plastic bag. If possible, stick the bag to the box. After this, drill a few holes for drainage purposes. Your bag is now ready to receive your plants.

Add sufficient soil into the box as well as the plants. You can set this box anywhere inside or outside your home. It is preferable inside to keep the cardboard intact in the event of rainfall.

Cardboard Boxes

Home for your kids’ toys

Kids love to play with toys but the problem most times is that when they are done, they leave the toys scattered. This can be really annoying to a parent for several reasons. First, your home looks very funny and when you have guests, it becomes embarrassing.

Secondly, the toys could get damaged or missing. With a reusable cardboard box, you can teach your child to rearrange and store toys. It will take a bit of effort from your end.

Do a little bit of design on the box to make it more attractive to your child. Gather your child’s toys and put them in the box or boxes, depending on how many toys there are. Explain to your child that after each session of play, toys should be returned here.

To make it easy for your child, add an incentive at first. A little reward each time will suffice. Now you don’t have to worry about scattered toys anymore.

Stylish storage

The brand package design of some cardboard boxes is so mature and beautiful. They could actually pass for home décor if one didn’t look too closely. You can take advantage of this to reuse the cardboard package.

In some cases, all you need is to tweak the design of the boxes a bit. This is necessary to make them more convenient for storage. So consider making a large tote bag, rather, the box from a couple of old cardboard boxes.

To do this, you need a few screw bolts, gold preferably, and little spray adhesive. You will also need a handle, an old belt will be good enough. Use the bolts and adhesive to hold the belt and box covers in place.

You can store anything in these boxes, from clothes to shoes and even books. They will add some organization and aesthetic beauty to your closet.

Cardboard Boxes

Wall art

Getting a real canvas can be quite expensive but you can save yourself the expenses by using cardboard boxes. How? Very simple.

Pick one of your old shoe boxes and convert it to a canvas by adding some paint. If you are not good at painting, print out a few pictures that you like on the internet. Get some paper glue and stick the pictures to the makeshift canvas.

Hang your beautiful artwork on your wall and protect it like you would a priceless canvas. It will be your little secret as your new artwork will blend perfectly with your home décor to make more beautiful.


A reusable cardboard box is useful for several purposes beyond the box package design. If you have any demand for custom cardboard box, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.

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