Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Bed for Your Dog

by Robert Warren
bed for dogs

All pet owners can attest to the fact that pets are great stress relievers. Nothing beats coming home to your pet and seeing that he is ever ready to welcome you.

It is priceless.

However, your dog can only reciprocate that show of love and affection if he is getting it in return. You cannot give what you do not get. How do you show love and affection to your dog? By making sure it is comfortable.

That is why most pet trainers and professional dog sitters emphasize that care and attention should be paid to dogs (especially puppies) to ensure the right behavior (but do not show it excessively. One of such ways is to create a space the dog can internally recognize as its own, and that’s its bed.

Just like humans, dogs do not destroy or soil the places they live in. They use these places as shelters or refuge centers, and they tend to vent out their frustration when it is not well kept

As a dog owner, a good dog bed is one of the best investments you would ever make. But how can you differentiate a good bed from a bad or fairly used one?

Here are some factors you need to consider:

  • The outer covering: This is one thing you must look out for, as dogs generally tend to chew their beds when they feel the impulse. The outer covering should be able to withstand external pressure and tough conditions meted out by the dog. Most strong dog beds, like our indestructible dog bed, uses canvas and other high-quality cotton for protection
  • Zippers: The more zippers on the bed, the easier the bed is for the dog to destroy. Normal dog beds have zippers that allow the owner to remove the covers and amend them on the sewing machine. A time may come when the dog may decide to unstitch the amendments and destroy your work!

The best dog beds use industrial-strength closures that prevent the dog from doing anything unreasonable.

  • Easy to clean: Even though it must be strong enough to clean, it must also be soft enough to clean when your dog soils it, especially when you go to public areas. Our indestructible dog beds are made up of cotton, which makes it super easy to clean. More so, it doesn’t allow liquid content to stick.
  • It must be multi-functional: This cannot be emphasized enough. In a world where everyone is trying to save, you must also be creative as a dog owner. Whatever dog bed you are purchasing must be highly functional. It should be used for both outdoor and indoor purposes, can be converted from a bed to a cushion, and from a cushion to a car seat cover.
  • Should come in various sizes: Our indestructible dog beds come in various sizes, so it helps when you have more than one dog.

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