How a Coffee Company Can Choose Packaging Designs

by Robert Warren

Package design is very important to how your products will be perceived. This is why as a coffee company you should take time to figure out your coffee packaging design (know more). 

You can get a lot of ideas to inspire your packaging design online. There are several companies that produce coffee packages cheap. It all depends on whether you can find them or not.

In this post, we will show you how to choose to pack for your coffee brand.

The importance of getting your coffee packaging design right

It is imperative that you pay a lot of attention to detail when working on your coffee packaging design. This way, you will find it easy and profitable. After all, packaging has proven to be one of the biggest determiners of brand growth and product success.

It is not enough to find a beautiful packaging design online, you need to find the right one. This will help you attract the right set of customers, protect your products, and maintain freshness. If you are bent on getting coffee packages cheap without ensuring the quality, it could be detrimental.

Therefore, you must create a balance between quality and cost. Packaging determines to a large extent how your clients perceive your products. If they trust your products, it is easier for them to refer to others.

Three ingredients are key to getting optimal packages for your coffee, quality, beauty, and purpose. Achieve all three in your packaging, you are sure that your products will stand out on the retailer’s shelf. 

Planning for your coffee packaging design

There are several factors that are important to creating your coffee package. These include:

  1. Budget
  2. Transportation
  3. Materials 
  4. Sustainability
  5. Package size
  6. Audience

If you can sort these out, you will be able to choose the best packaging for your coffee company. Each of these factors is discussed in the next few paragraphs.


This is always the first step once you have decided to go ahead with your coffee packaging design project. It is important that you figure out how much you are willing and able to spend. With this, it becomes easy to decide on materials and the package manufacturer.

There are certain materials, for example, natural fiber and glass that look very attractive. Even though they are appealing to the visual senses of prospects, they cost a fortune to produce and ship. Glass, as you know it, is weighty and can break in transit. This contributes to its high cost as a packaging material.

When you contact a company that specializes in packaging design online, you will get a list of prices to help you. In some cases, one of your customers wants specialized packages. You have to weigh your options before agreeing to such bargains. 

The idea with budgeting is to get coffee packages cheap but with high quality. While there are lots of cheap options, they may not be safe for your products or brand. You also want to consider whether you should go with an environmentally friendly option or not.


Before the visual appeal of a package, the first function of a package is to protect the product. The product needs protection from dust and dirt as well as to keep it fresh. It will also need protection when in transit.

If a product gets damaged in transit, it creates a bad image for your company and it costs you extra funds too. This is why you cannot afford to make use of sub-standard packaging. 

While beautiful designs are good, qualitative packaging is better. A package must be able to perform all the desired functions optimally else it is seen as inefficient. 

It is wise to figure out your package sizes and how far they will travel. This way you can figure out the best materials to protect your products.


Packaging materials

There is a simple rule that governs choosing packaging materials. It states that you should treat your products how you like to be treated. In other words, if you don’t like a sub-standard overly large or small house, treat your products likewise.

If your packaging is not the right size, your products stand a risk of getting destroyed in transit. The same is likely to happen if the material used is not able to protect your products. 

There are several options when it comes to materials used in coffee packaging design. Simply look for companies that handle packaging design online to provide you different options.

Package size

This is another very important factor to consider when deciding your coffee packages. You need to design your packages based on the size of your products. Some companies have about three or four sizes of products which will result in more cost.

If you want to design coffee packages cheap, it is wise to cut down on the differences in sizes. You may have maybe one or two sizes instead of a wider range. 

Doing this will be beneficial in two ways. First, it helps you cut down on cost, and second, it maintains product integrity. 



You must focus on what your target market wants to see when creating your packaging designs. While every other factor is very important, if you have them in place without this, you have a huge challenge.

Ensure that you create designs that will attract your target audience. This will likely influence your graphics, the kind of materials to be used, and the message on the package. Ultimately, it affects the price of your packaging. 

The best way to figure this out is by studying your customers and the competition. With adequate research, you will decipher their needs and play to them.

The possibilities

The only boundary you have with the possibilities is the one you have set for yourself. There are so many options to choose from for your coffee packages. Ensure that you convey your messages clearly on your packages. 


There is so much you can achieve with your coffee packaging design. You can get ideas for your packaging design online. It doesn’t have you cost a fortune as there are companies that produce coffee packages cheaply. If you have any demand for custom personalized coffee bags, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.

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