How Much Is A Cement Mixer Truck Worth?

by Robert Warren

Are you looking to buy a cement mixer truck? If you are, then you are probably not alone. Many companies that are invested in the construction industry find themselves with the same issues.

The cement mixer truck makes the job easier. The most impressive fact about the cement mixer truck is the ability to mix cement in larger quantities. To get one, you just need to contact cement mixer truck suppliers. If you want to get a cement mixer truck, then you must be wondering how much a cement mixer truck costs.

The answer is it depends on several factors.

What Influences The Price Of A Cement Mixer Truck?

The price of a cement mixer truck is influenced by many factors. Let’s consider some of them.

1. Size and dimension

This is one factor that easily comes to mind. The principle here is simple. The larger the size of the cement mixer truck, the more expensive it naturally will be.

So, the size of the cement mixer truck should be one of your priorities. Smaller concrete mixer trucks might cost anywhere from $150000 upwards. You can expect larger trucks to cost from $250,000 upwards.

Ultimately, the choice is yours in the end.

2. Brand new or used?

The price of a concrete mixer truck also depends on how new it is. Generally, if you are buying a brand new concrete mixer truck, you are going to pay more for it. However, used concrete mixer trucks will cost lower.

Sometimes, it might be worth considering getting a used concrete mixer truck. This might help if you are strictly on a budget.

A brand new concrete mixer truck will cost you around $250000 on average. However, you might get used trucks for different prices depending on several factors. A used truck in peak condition will cost you around $125,000.

3. The capacity

Another thing you have to factor in will be the capacity of the truck. The general rule here remains the same. The more tons of cement that the truck can handle, the more you are going to pay.

For example, cement mixer trucks that can handle about 350 tons will cost around $350,000. If you are going for a bigger truck with a larger capacity, the price will even be higher.

However, used versions of this truck will obviously be a lot lower.

How Can I Get The Right Cement Mixer Truck?

The key here is finding the right supplier. One of the best cement mixer truck suppliers will be tinfortrucks. They have a very large variety of trucks to choose from. Regardless of the size and capacity you want, they have always got you covered.

So if you are buying a truck for the first time, they are probably the first place to look.

Final Thoughts

Getting a cement mixer truck can take your business to new levels. It can also lead to regret and frustration if you get it all wrong.

So make sure you cover all your angles before making a decision. These tips above will allow you to make the right choice.

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