How the Right Shoe Making Machine Can Support Your Startup

by Robert Warren
Shoe Making Machine

What shoe making machine would you need to start a shoe factory?

Experts at quanyi, a shoemaking machine producer, can walk you through the basics of mass shoe production and give details of all the equipment you need to accomplish your goals. If you want machines and hand tools, you can continue to read through this blog post.

Shoe material cutting

Inside a shoe factory, the leading and significant operation in the process of manufacturing includes cutting as well as marking operations. Technically, the factory needs cutting presses and clicker cutting machines. In many cases, the clicker press is known as the standard piece that you must find in the shoemaking factory. They need cutting dies for every pattern.

There is a new technology for shoe cutting known as the computer-controlled knife cutter. The machine technically applies a vacuum table in holding the materials in place. The blade is responsible for cutting the material into patterns. This is a critical technology for custom and mass production.

Immediately the shoe parts have been cut into the recommended sizes, processing begins. Different alignment marks will be screen- printed straight on the parts. Logos are then incorporated. The logos may be welded using a radio frequency machine or, better yet, embroidered along with specified parts.

Logo application on footwear

Now that the parts of the shoe have been cut and sized, it is time to apply to a preferred logo. Heat welding can be used to achieve this.


The next step in the shoemaking process is stitching. Here, a sewing machine is used. This device comes in several types. It could be a short arm or long arm- it may also be posted. The stitching line herein should have several machines, but this depends on how complicated the shoe design will be.

You should note that the style of your preferred shoe making machine depends on the operations needed to design the shoes. Immediately the stitching is complete; it is now time to delve into the set up of the shape of your toe box. Consider the toe and heel too.

We are almost done with the shoemaking process, but continue reading to garner the most critical details to make your project successful.

When the shoe stitching is complete, then it is time to go ahead and shape the toe box. The machines used in these processes should clamp the shoe to your preferred shape.

The upper section should now be complete. So a new special sewing machine will be required to finish the process. That is where you need to be observant when selecting a machine.

Because the market is flooded with variety, you need to select a top-notch machine but which suits your budget. You can accomplish this by reviewing different brands online.

Final thoughts

Well, that’s it from the shoemaking experts. The steps above have been outlined to help you with the proper selection of your shoe making machine. How? By understanding exactly what the processes entail. With a clear comprehension of these processes, you should be in a position to found and run a small startup.

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